From the artist formerly known as Mommy Brained and Brooding Feminist. And, you know, probably a lot of other names.

Brooding Feminist

I started this blog a little while ago, like say 2014, but defaulted on my hosting payments and lost it. I know. Anyway, it was basically a place where I ranted about feminism, politics, and my daily life, more or less.

I Don’t Think Stitch Fix Gets Me
Which, you know, isn't surprising, since I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Also, I'm super picky when it comes to...
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I Bought a Sewing Machine.
I posted this status on Facebook, and the uproarious laughter that occurred (via emoji) was... uproarious. Because me sewing. Let me put it this way:...
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Exercise, Dieting, and Other Shit that Sucks
One of my dear friends has a blog about his journey doing miserable things like working out and watching what he eats. (For the record,...
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The Mysterious Box of Tampons
In order to avoid those frequent, mind-numbing questions that my children tend to direct at me at the WORST possible times (i.e., first thing in...
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Mommy Brained

I started blogging back in aught 2007, right after my first child “Nora” was born, and while I was pregnant with my second “Ava.” These are my curse-word-laden musings that span over 3 years.

The Darndest Things Kids Say
I am going to irritate the childless and indignant by sharing some funny things Nora has done and said recently. Go ahead, start moaning about...
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Happy Birthday My Ass
So yesterday was my 31st birthday. It whizzed by me in a blur of temper tantrums and poopie diapers (is that another "feces" tag? Why...
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I Can’t Spell
There are certain words that I simply cannot say in Nora's presence without sending her into a wild-eyed frenzy. "Cookie," "ice cream," or "candy," for...
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Parenting Confessions
Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I have my “bad mommy” moments. I think any woman who says she doesn't have such moments is LYING....
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Feces On the Carpet
The downside to having off-white carpet all over the house is that, well, it's off-white. Not only is carpet disgusting (in my humble opinion), housing...
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