Exercise, Dieting, and Other Shit that Sucks

One of my dear friends has a blog about his journey doing miserable things like working out and watching what he eats. (For the record, I consider him my “dear friend” but this may be entirely one-sided. I’m insecure like that.) I thought I would contribute my thoughts on the process, since my hatred of it all is unique. (That was sarcasm. People who enjoy exercising suck.)

The Mysterious Box of Tampons

In order to avoid those frequent, mind-numbing questions that my children tend to direct at me at the WORST possible times (i.e., first thing in the morning, before I’ve had my coffee; last thing at night, as I’m about to fall asleep), I try to hide my “feminine hygiene” products from prying eyes. As most women do… I think. I mean, more power to the chick who leaves her box of Tampax in the middle of the bathroom. I just couldn’t do that… Until now.