My kids are not this young anymore, thank sweet baby Jesus.

You might be wondering why I keep creating new blogs and abandoning old ones. Well, there’s a very good reason for that: I default on my hosting payments then lose my websites. This has happened to me twice. I’m like a preteen with a new credit card, I can’t be trusted for shit. That said, I occasionally think ahead and save my posts to my computer, so not all of my delightful wittiness is lost in the Internet Black Hole. I have archived most MommyBrained and Brooding Feminist posts here, and I pinky promise not to lose this website. Again. Maybe.

Anyway. In case you don’t know, I’m a mom of two girls, 9 and 11, graphic designer, wannabe coder, writer, and complete mess. I am going to do my DAMNEDEST to avoid politics on this blog and make it a safe place to come for escape from the whole “Hunger Games Meets Hitler” thing going on in this country right now. (That was my ONE concession to political commentary. I swear. I’m done.)

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